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London’s ‘unsatisfactory’ probation services ‘letting down victims’

London's 'unsatisfactory' probation services 'letting down victims' 22 May 2019 Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The National Probation Service (NPS) supervises about 17,000 offenders across London Victims of violent and sexual crimes are being let down by “wholly unsatisfactory” probation services in London, according to a report.
In at least a fifth of cases inspectors examined, victims of serious offences had no access to a statutory scheme to keep them updated about the offenders.
The National Probation Service (NPS) supervises about 17,000 offenders across London.
The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said improvement was “clearly needed”.
Chief inspector of probation Dame Glenys Stacey said it was disappointing to see standards be so “poor”.
“Some victims are not being offered a service at all, while others are receiving a service that is simply not good enough,” she said.
The inspectorate gave the London division of the NPS an overall rating of “requi..

‘Intimate’ service to mark Manchester bombing anniversary

'Intimate' service to mark Manchester bombing anniversary 22 May 2019 Related TopicsManchester Arena attack Image copyright PA Image caption Manchester's St Ann's Square became a focal point for tributes in the wake of the 2017 bombing Families of the victims of the Manchester bombing will mark the second anniversary of the attack with a low-key memorial service in the city later.
Twenty-two people were killed and hundreds injured in the 2017 suicide bombing at Manchester Arena.
A “personal and private event” for families and emergency services will take place at St Ann's Church from 14:00 BST, the city council said.
The church is in St Ann's Square, which became a focal point for tributes.
Last year a larger service was held at Manchester Cathedral, attended by Prince William and Prime Minister Theresa May, with well-wishers gathered outside to watch on large screens.
A musical event was also held and speeches made in the city's Albert Square.

Steel closure ‘would create a ghost town’

British Steel: Deja vu for the people of Scunthorpe? By Pritti Mistry BBC News 22 May 2019 Image caption About 5,000 people work at the steel plant in Scunthorpe While British Steel's future hangs in the balance, is this deja vu for Scunthorpe's steelworks – or will fate spell a different destiny for the plant?
Cast your mind back to October 2015 – during the Tata Steel era – and you may recall this North Lincolnshire steel town was being put through the mill of uncertainty, with workers and their families clutching at the straws of hope.
But then came along Greybull Capital and the plant's future started to look bright again.
Fast forward four years, and while the town is basking in the brightness of the spring sunshine, the axe of uncertainty is hovering over this manufacturing conurbation yet again.
British Steel is on the verge of administration as it lobbies the government for backing, sources say.
The UK's second-biggest steel maker is trying to secure £75m ..

MP: LGBT lessons ‘not age appropriate’

Birmingham LGBT lessons 'not age appropriate' says MP 21 May 2019 Image caption The complaints focus on lessons for which pupils have been given books featuring cross-dressing children and gay families The MP for a primary school facing demonstrations over LGBT equality teaching has said such lessons were not always age appropriate.
Roger Godsiff, Birmingham Hall Green MP, said he did not feel four or five-year-olds “could comfortably handle” discussions about sexuality.
The protests' leader said the lessons amounted to “social engineering”.
A police chief has called for an end to the demonstrations, saying views were becoming too entrenched.
The city's Anderton Park Primary School has seen weeks of large-scale protests over the lessons.
Labour MP Mr Godsiff said: “As a parent pointed out, some of these children are only just out of nappies.
“Is it age appropriate for them to have to engage with their own sexuality and also learn about other sexualities at that a..

Swindon ‘ram-death victim let out blood-curdling scream’

Swindon 'ram-death victim let out blood-curdling scream' 21 May 2019 Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bristol Crown Court heard Mr Kiley had jogged after the car to take down its details A driver accused of killing a man after the pair were involved in a crash hit the accelerator seconds before his car hit him, a jury heard.
Dario Carboni, 25, is accused of deliberately running over Kenneth Kiley after the crash in Swindon, last July.
Ex-paratrooper Mr Kiley, 75, was fatally injured after he got out of his car to exchange insurance details with Mr Carboni, Bristol Crown Court heard.
Mr Carboni denies murder, manslaughter and causing death by dangerous driving.
People living in Southernwood Drive, where the crash happened, heard Mr Carboni failed to stop after the crash with the car, in which Mr Kiley was a passenger.
Witnesses told the jury they then heard a man shouting, followed by “screeching tyres” and a “loud thud”, before seeing Mr Kiley lying in the road.

Cemeren Yilmaz: Four jailed for Snapchat gang murder

Cemeren Yilmaz: Four jailed for Snapchat gang murder 21 May 2019 Image copyright Bedfordshire Police Image caption Ramon Djuana, Caleb Brown, Aaron Miller and Jacob Morgan were found guilty of murdering Cemeren Yilmaz Four gang members who murdered a 16-year-old boy and filmed it on Snapchat have been jailed.
Cemeren Yilmaz was filmed as he lay dying after being stabbed and attacked with a hammer in Bedford in September.
Aaron Miller, 20, Jacob Morgan, 15, Ramon Djuana, 15, and Caleb Brown, 16, were given life sentences after they were found guilty of murder at St Albans Crown Court in April.
The court heard Cemeren was attacked due to his connection to a rival gang.
Brown, Djuana and Morgan were members of the “Black Tom” gang in Bedford while Cemeren was linked to the rival “London Road” gang.
Sentencing, Mr Justice Bryan QC said the situation “arises out of a sadly all too common backdrop of gang rivalry and associated carrying and use of weapons”.
Image copyright Bedfordshire Pol..

Manchester children’s charity Umbrella Ball ‘did not pay out’

Manchester children's charity Umbrella Ball 'did not pay out' 21 May 2019 Image copyright Carl Sukonik Image caption Organisers Oliver Lilley and Alex Khan say the charity event had failed to cover its costs A fundraising ball held in aid of two children's charities at a Manchester hotel has failed to provide any money, a BBC investigation has found.
The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and another children's charity have complained to charity watchdogs and police about the event last July.
The Umbrella Ball was organised by Manchester-based A-Magazine.
Its editor said the event had failed to cover its costs and donations of £3,500 offered to the charities were rejected.
The organisers also said inviting celebrities to the event “served only to increase costs and contributed minimally to the fundraising”.
The ball was held at the five-star Blu Radisson hotel and was attended by footballers, models, reality TV personalities and business figures.
It ..

Why are post boxes being painted blue?

Why are post boxes being painted blue? 21 May 2019 Image caption A post box in Southampton city centre was painted blue People have been left stumped as post boxes have been painted blue in various towns and cities across England.
The paint jobs, spotted in the centres of Southampton, Leeds, Nottingham and Taunton, sparked speculation among locals.
But after some noticed the locations were all due to host matches in the forthcoming Cricket World Cup, it wasn't long until the secret was out.
An International Cricket Council spokesman (ICC) confirmed the link.
Painters in Southampton left behind a conclusive clue, in the shape of an unbranded notice taped to the side, stating: “This box has been painted blue to celebrate the 2019 World Cup.”
The box was spotted in Above Bar, in the city centre.
Image caption A sign on the side of the Southampton post box gave the game away Another box appeared in Angel Row in the centre of Nottingham.
An ICC spokesman stepped up to the wicket to..

Unofficial Norwich blue plaques mark ‘rebel women’

Unofficial Norwich blue plaques mark 'rebel women' 21 May 2019 Image copyright @rosiesplaques Image caption The plaques were hand-made by theatre group members Unofficial blue plaques have gone up on buildings “to balance the lack of commemorations” to a city's women.
The signs were made as a protest by the Common Lot theatre group after it discovered only 25 of 300 blue plaques in Norwich were dedicated to women.
Group members put up eight signs around the city to mark the achievements of “more of its heroines”.
Norwich City Council said it was unsure if any had gone up on its buildings and had received no complaints.
Until now the theatre group behind the “guerrilla” signage had kept its identity a secret.
All that identified those behind them was a Twitter page called @rosiesplaques.
'Rebel women of Norwich'But Siobhan O'Connor, has now decided to “come clean” on behalf of the rest of the theatre group to explain its activism.
They wanted to make a ..

Ex-JLS star’s tour manager ‘tried to start threesome’

Ex-JLS star's tour manager 'tried to start threesome' 21 May 2019 Image copyright PA Image caption Jamien Nagadhana denies sexually assaulting a woman The tour manager of former JLS star Oritse Williams told a jury he tried to start a threesome as the singer had “awkward” sex with a fan.
Jamien Nagadhana, 32, of Hounslow, West London, denies sexually assaulting a woman as she was allegedly being raped by Mr Williams, also 32.
It is claimed they attacked the woman after Mr Williams performed a solo gig at a Wolverhampton nightclub in December 2016.
Mr Williams, of Croydon, denies rape.
Image copyright PA Image caption Oritse Williams has denied raping the woman after a concert in December 2016 On Monday, Mr Williams had told the court he believed Mr Nagadhana was “under his covers” in a different bed when the woman knocked on his hotel room and asked to spend the night with him.
Giving evidence on Tuesday, Mr Nagadhana, who also denies assault by penetration, contradic..