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Five things to know about Red Dead Redemption 2

Five things to know about Red Dead Redemption 2 By Zoe Kleinman Technology reporter, BBC News 22 October 2018 Image copyright Rockstar The hotly anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2 is due for release on Friday (26 October).
The western-style adventure is set in the aftermath of a failed train robbery and is actually the prequel to the original 2010 title.
It's the first major release for studio Rockstar Games since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V in 2013.
Reviewers have praised its adva..

New York police body-worn cameras recalled after explosion

New York police body-worn cameras recalled after explosion 22 October 2018 Image copyright Vievu Image caption A Vievu camera Police in New York have been told to stop using some of their body-worn cameras after one of them exploded.
On Saturday, a night officer noticed smoke coming out of their camera and took it off. It then exploded, the NYPD said in a statement.
It ordered officers to stop using the Vievu LE-5 camera out of “an abundance of caution”.
The force has about 3,000 of these camera..

Superbugs to kill 10 million a year by 2050, MPs warn

Superbugs will kill 10 million people a year by 2050 – more than cancer and diabetes combined – unless urgent action is taken, MPs have warned.
They said the growing rise of viruses, parasites and bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics posed “a grave to health”.
If ministers do not step in, then “modern medicine will be lost”, they added.
The warning comes from a report by the Commons' health and social care select committee, which scrutinises the government's work in those areas.
Image: Modern medicine will be lost if superbugs are not tackled, MPs warn Britain is already seeing a rise of antibiotic resistant illnesses, which kill around 5,000 people a year in the UK.
Experts now say the death toll could reach 10 million a year globally in the next 30 years.
The rise was blamed on drug companies not having enough financial incentive to discover new classes of antibiotics, creating a “worrying exodus” of research over decades.
MPs suggested cutting “inappropriate” ..

Virgin jet in ‘closest ever’ drone near-miss

Ten feet was all that separated a Virgin Atlantic jet from colliding with a high-flying drone in what is thought to have been the closest ever near-miss between one of the gadgets and a commercial airliner, a new report has revealed.
The Heathrow-bound B787-9 Dreamliner plane – which would have been carrying as many as 264 passengers – was performing its descent above Clapham Common when the drone was seen passing just below its right wing.
According to the UK Airprox Board, which investigates near-misses and files monthly reports on them, it avoided impact with the engine by an estimated 10ft (3m).
:: Drone flown 'deliberately' towards light aircraft
Image: The drone was just 10ft away from striking the plane. File pic “The drone was being flown beyond VLOS (visual line of sight) limits and on an airfield approach path such that it was endangering other aircraft at that altitude and position,” said the report.
“The board agreed that the incident was therefore best descr..

Self-driving taxis to launch in London by 2021, firm says

Plans have been unveiled to launch self-driving taxis in London by 2021.
Taxi firm Addison Lee Group says it has struck an agreement with Oxbotica, an Oxford-based startup specialising in autonomous software.
The companies plan to create digital maps of more than 250,000 miles of public roads in and around the capital.
They will include the position of every kerb, road sign, landmark and traffic light, in readiness for the deployment of autonomous cars in the city.
Addison Lee is aiming to gain a share of the autonomous vehicle technology market, which the government forecasts to be worth £28bn in the UK by 2035.
0:42 Video: Driverless cars with eyes on the road Addison chief executive Andy Boland said the company intended to be at the forefront of change within a transport industry anticipating the introduction of self-driving services.
He said: “Autonomous technology holds the key to many of the challenges we face in transport.
“By providing ride-sharing services, we can help ..

Asteroid pioneers: The team who put rovers on a space rock

The Hayabusa-2 spacecraft was launched by Japan’s space agency (Jaxa) in 2014.
Three-and-half years later it reached its destination – the asteroid known as 162173 Ryugu.
The 900m (2,950ft) wide space rock is thought to be left over from the early days of our Solar System and could provide clues about the origin and evolution of Earth.
The spacecraft has since deployed rovers to explore the asteroid and will also land on the surface of Ryugu itself to collect samples, before taking off again.

Apple is ‘best private firm to work for in UK’

Apple is the best private sector firm to work for in the UK, according to a new survey.
Research by the Indeed recruitment website found a diverse range of companies in the top 20 of their annual poll.
Kitchens supplier Wren, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and emergency repairs business Homeserve were close behind the tech market leader.
Indeed says the result matters as increasing numbers of employees are looking for a positive work-life balance, rather than merely a good salary.
An earlier study found nine out of every 10 workers put benefits like good holiday allowance and sociable working hours ahead of pay.
A similar survey earlier this year, which also included the state sector, found Transport for London rated the best employer overall for work-life balance.
Sign up to leaders' debates campaign Sky News is calling for the creation of an independent Leaders' Debates Commission to oversee television debates
Apple, the world's first $1tr company, employs..

Netflix ‘deceiving’ black users with ‘creepy’ posters

Netflix has been accused of “deceiving” black subscribers with “manipulative” promotional posters for films and TV shows that can change based on who is using the service.
The streaming giant has previously boasted of the algorithms it uses to serve up personalised suggestions and visuals to its millions of users, but it has now been criticised by black customers who claim the technology is presenting them with misleading artwork imploring them to watch certain content.
Among the films to have been highlighted are the comedy Like Father, which stars Kelsey Grammer and Kristen Bell, and the British favourite Love Actually.
Rather than showcasing its two white leads, the poster for Like Father instead suggests to some subscribers that there are major roles for African-American actors Blaire Brooks and Leonard Ouzts.
And the art for Love Actually – which features a predominantly white cast – seems to imply to certain users that it is a romance centred on characters played by Keira Kni..

Anonymous Facebook ads say ‘bin Chequers’

Anonymous Pro-Brexit ads on Facebook say 'bin Chequers' 20 October 2018 Related TopicsBrexit Image copyright Getty Images/Facebook Image caption Political groups have been spending increasing amounts of money on Facebook adverts An anonymous website has been using Facebook adverts to encourage British voters to email their MP and urge them “to bin Chequers” and back Brexit.
Evidence given to the government's fake news inquiry found that a site called Mainstream Network had spent m..

Chunk of moon fetches $600,000 at auction

A chunk of the moon that fell to Earth as a lunar meteorite has fetched more than $600,000 (£458,997) at auction.
The 5.5kg (12lb) lump, affectionately known as The Moon Puzzle, is comprised of six fragments that fit together.
RR Auction in Boston, Massachusetts, announced on Friday that the set had sold for $612,500 (£468,559).
The winning bid came from a representative working with the Tam Chuc Pagoda complex in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam.
RR Auctions had predicted it would sell for around $500,000 (£382,497).
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The meteorite, which fell roughly 250,000 miles to Earth, was found in a remote area of Mauritania in northwest Africa in 2017.
It is thought to be one of the most significant lunar meteorites ever found because of its large size.
The piece also has “partial fusion crust” caused by the tremendous heat that would..