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European elections 2019: Parties hold final rallies ahead of vote

European elections 2019: Parties hold final rallies ahead of vote 21 May 2019 Related TopicsThe UK’s European elections 2019 Image copyright AFP/ Getty Images The Brexit Party, The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Change UK have all held their final rallies of the European election campaign.
Nigel Farage urged Tory Eurosceptics angry over Brexit to back his party and vowed a “peaceful political revolution” to end the two-party system.
Vince Cable said a strong showing for the Lib Dems wou..

Farage: Elections watchdog ‘coordinated’ funding inquiry with Brown

By Aubrey Allegretti, political reporter
Nigel Farage has accused Britain's elections watchdog of performing a “coordinated move” with Gordon Brown to raise doubt about his Brexit Party's funding system.
The prominent Leave campaigner declared that he thought “a lot of people have worked together on this” in an exclusive interview with Sky News.
He attacked the Electoral Commission for visiting his party's HQ two days before the European elections to investigate its system for receiving payment from new supporters.
Image: Gordon Brown said there was the potential for 'under-the-counter payments' Former prime minister Mr Brown used a speech on Monday to accuse Mr Farage's new outfit of receiving a large amount of money via small “undeclared, untraceable payments”.
He claimed there were potential “under-the-counter payments” being made and that people could pay to join the Brexit Party in many currencies, including the Russian rouble.

Nigel Farage to be examined over £450,000 payment from Arron Banks

Nigel Farage to be examined over £450,000 payment from Arron Banks 21 May 2019 Related TopicsThe UK’s European elections 2019 Image copyright Reuters The European Parliament's advisory committee will look at whether Mr Farage broke rules by accepting funding from Leave campaigner Arron Banks.
Nigel Farage said he did not declare the £450,000 sum to the European Parliament because he was about to leave politics and had been seeking a new life in the US.
The committee will examine the case b..

PM’s offer of second referendum vote fails to win over MPs

By Aubrey Allegretti, political reporter
Theresa May has launched a last-ditch bid to save her Brexit deal, but ended up losing more MPs' support.
The prime minister unveiled a 10-point plan to “seek common ground in parliament”, including giving MPs another vote on a second referendum and giving the Commons a bigger say in the next step of negotiations with Brussels.
In what could be her last major speech on leaving the EU, she admitted it was “patently obvious” she had not managed to end the Conservatives' battle over Europe and appeared to acknowledge her departure from Downing Street was imminent.
Image: MPs will vote on the Brexit deal again in June What the PM pitched to win over MPs:
:: Attempt to find alternative arrangements to replace backstop by December 2020
:: If that fails, Britain will stay aligned with Northern Ireland
:: Future relationship objectives to be approved by MPs
:: Workers rights, environmental protections and border checks rules on goods to k..

European elections 2019: Change UK increases Facebook ad spend

European elections 2019: Change UK increases Facebook ad spend 21 May 2019 Image copyright NurPhoto Change UK has spent more than twice as much on Facebook ads in the last week as other parties standing in this week's European elections.
The newly-formed party spent £62,650 in the period from 13 to 19 May, more than half their total spend of £120,711 since February.
Last week, The Brexit Party spent £27,359, Labour £19,513, the Lib Dems £20,681 and the Conservatives £8,470.
In the last 30 d..

EU to investigate Farage over ‘undeclared’ gifts

The EU is to investigate Nigel Farage over claims the Brexit Party leader failed to declare gifts worth up to a total of £450,000.
Sky's Europe correspondent Mark Stone has said the investigation centres on “Mr Farage's lifestyle as an MEP during the summer and autumn of 2016”.
Farage: Electoral Commission probe is 'conspiracy' In that period, following the Brexit referendum, Mr Farage made lavish trips to the United States to meet then president-elect Donald Trump and other right-wing politicians, funded, it is alleged, by billionaire Arron Banks.
Moment Nigel Farage hit with milkshake Other gifts provided by the insurance tycoon included a chauffeur-driven car and rent and bills on a £4.4m home in Chelsea, west London.
None of the gifts, detailed in invoices seen by Channel 4 News, were declared on Mr Farage's register of interests with the European parliament, which is designed to prevent MEPs from keeping their conflicts of interests secret.

English councils ‘face £50bn funding black hole’

English councils 'face £50bn funding black hole' 21 May 2019 Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWho will pay when we get old?English councils face a funding “black hole” of more than £50bn over the next six years unless extra cash is made available, a lobby group has said.
The County Councils Network said rising costs and demand for services, like social care, could mean councils resort to providing the “bare minimum”.
It said yearly council tax rises and making ..

MP calls for stronger job protection for mothers and pregnant women

MP calls for stronger job protection for mothers and pregnant women 21 May 2019 Image copyright Getty Creative The government must provide stronger protection against redundancy for pregnant women and new mothers, a former cabinet minister has urged.
Conservative MP Maria Miller said government proposals to extend existing protections did not go far enough.
She has introduced a bill which would prevent firms from sacking women during pregnancy or six months afterwards.
But a campaign group sa..

EU president Tusk urges voters to back Change UK

By Greg Heffer, political reporter
European Council President Donald Tusk is urging voters to back a Change UK candidate at this week's EU elections.
The top Brussels official wants those living in London, who support the UK staying in the EU, to back the pro-Remain party.
Jan Vincent-Rostowski, who served in Mr Tusk's government when he was Poland's prime minister, is among Change UK's candidates in the capital.
Image: Jan Vincent-Rostowski is one of Change UK's candidates in London Mr Tusk claimed his “very dear friend” would make a “great MEP for London” ahead of UK voters electing their representatives to the European Parliament on Thursday.
The European Council president said in a statement: “Jan Rostowski worked with me as finance minister of Poland for six years and then as my deputy prime minister.
“Not only was he the best finance minister in Europe during the financial crisis, he is also a very dear friend who would make a great M..

Nigel Farage milkshake attack: Man charged with assault

Nigel Farage milkshake attack: Man charged with assault 21 May 2019 Related TopicsThe UK’s European elections 2019 Image copyright PA Image caption The politician had just given a speech at the city's Monument when he was covered in milkshake A man has been charged with assaulting Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage by throwing a milkshake at him.
The Brexit Party leader had given a speech in Newcastle on Monday ahead of the European elections when a drink was thrown at him.
Paul Crowther, 32..